The Chesterfield Style Sofa is one of the more complex sofas to disassemble/re-assemble because they are known for being “tufted” (upholsterers get this look by creating patterns by threading through layers of fabric or leather and then securing the ends with a button or a knot) or “quilted”. Because of this, it is even more important to have your Chesterfield put back together in precisely it’s original form. That is what we can guarantee for you at AFS.


Sectional Sofas are multi-part sofas. They can be arranged in a variety of ways and typically come as 3-5 piece sofa sets. Of course, the more pieces you have, the more ways they can be arranged. They come in U and L-shaped configurations as well and vary widely in sizes. This is why it is even more important to have a professional from AFS come out and disassemble/re-assemble your sectional whether it is from room to room or location to location. Sectionals are large furniture items that are difficult to fit in and out of your home when you are moving. Even taking the sections apart on your own may not be enough for it to fit in and out. Further disassembling may be required as well. That is why it is best to have a qualified technician from AFS come to you and assist with taking your pieces apart then re-assembling them.


These types of sofas are mainly known for low arm to back ratio height. The upholstery on this style sofa is very tight throughout. Since the fabric is so taught, it is a challenge not only to take it apart, but would be difficult for you to put together in the same manner it is in now. Let us at AFS do the hard work for you!

Chaise Lounge:

Chaise lounges come in various forms- some with arms and some without. The style is different from a standard couch and typically is “tufted” as well, making it again more challenging to disassemble/re-assemble to its original form. Many times the corners are glued, locked or stapled making it even more complex to handle. All of our technicians are experienced with these types of hurdles when taking them apart and putting them back together.

Sleeper Sofas:

Sleeper Sofas come in three main categories:

Pull-Out Sofa Beds:

This is pretty much the most popular type of sleeper sofa. As they are the same concept as a futon, the sofa back stays up-right and the area where you sleep folds and is stored under the sofa “belly”. The mechanisms on these can be a little tricky, and like futons, if not put back together properly they will lose their functionality. We are fully experienced and capable of re-assembling them just as they were and will make sure they are truly working as they should once re-assembled.


A futon is a combination of both a bed and a sofa, which makes it dually functional and convenient. Typically, the back of the futon folds or releases down as to make a cushioned surface to sleep on. These must be disassembled/re-assembled properly in order to ensure they can still be functional in these two ways. That is the very reason it is the best idea for our professionals to handle this job for you.


Daybeds are similar to chaise lounges and in that respect can range in many different ways. In order for them to retain their comfort level for you, they must be re-assembled in the right manner, which we can do for you.

Settee Sofas:

Settees are more like a very wide chair and are constructed differently than a standard sofa. They are not as easy to disassemble/re-assemble. That is again a great reason to hire AFS to do this job for you.

Divan Sofas:

Divan sofas have no back on them. They rely on the support of a wall to place the pillows against. That is why the re-placement location of these types of sofas is key. We can disassemble and re-assemble these properly and make sure their new placement is conducive.

There are obviously many additional types of couches and sofas out there. Moving is already a stress in itself, which is why we’d like to at least alleviate the stress of moving your furniture in an efficient and proper way, while always making sure we make it cost-effective for you. We offer multiple other services as well- if you would like further information, please visit

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